Service Offerings 

Bringing the revolutionary suite of compression products to our corporate customers.
We improve your network performance by lowering the requirements for bandwidth and storage.


Cloud technologies have transformed the way organizations do business, not only in terms of technology adoption but as a strategy that helps add value to all business processes and investments.  While some well-known products support adoption, integration of newer technology into your traditional IT environment with minimum disruption of services or data is the support that you require.  We are your partner who can provide end-to-end support in the new cloud paradigm, driving agility, security, and integrated support across your connected enterprise.

Our cloud services are designed to help organizations make the right choices in maximizing returns from their cloud investments.  Besides bringing cloud strategies to life, our understanding of legacy infrastructure and applications allows us to deploy and manage solutions that coexist on-premise and on the cloud.  This helps lay the foundation for the digital enterprise of tomorrow.

We provide planning, design, configuration and deployment for a range of cloud services for small, medium and large enterprises.  These services are classified into four main cloud categories:

·  Cloud Productivity

·  Cloud Platform

·  Cloud Mobility

·  Cloud Security


Increase workspace efficiency


Adopt cloud quickly & easily


Secure your digital enterprise


Work from anywhere on any device

In Addition to the packaged services, we offer you the ability to expand your business to the cloud by providing accelerator services.  Accelerator services consist of several cloud services combined to help you accelerate your business.

Moreover, we provide project services, which are customized, based on your requirements.

Service Benefits

 Cloud Services provide the following benefits to you:

Competitive prices

Ability to scale on demand

hybrid and on-premise deployment

Unique blend of technical skills

Service Delivery

Planning and Design

We have technical consultants whom assess your environment and develop a technical design document that will include all the requirements, configurations and tasks.  The design document will be reviewed and approved by you.

Deploy and Operate

The Technical consultants perform a site survey prior the deployment that will confirm all the requirements are met.  The technical consultants deploy the solution as per the design document.  A knowledge transfer session will be conducted for your team.  You will review and validate the implemented solution.  Next, the project will be signed off.